Southeastern Auto Brokers Sold Me A BAD CAR!!

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Southeastern Auto Brokers in Goldsboro, NC sold me a faulty 2000 Saturn LS and made me spend over $3000+ in repair expenses and it still doesn't work. On top of that, I spent $1500 downpayment, $750 on the car payments to them, and $1200+ on full coverage insurance. I am just a grad student at UNCC and we are already struggling, but this really put me in debt and fuc*** up me up financially and my mobility. I really loathe (hate) them and don't EVER do business with them if you want to have a car. They are shady, uncooperative, and really don't give a rat's a** in the middle of NY city in a dump site about you or your issues. The lady that answers the phone, Denise, is just a little crooked short haired country bumpkin that drains the life out of everything with her antagonizing and demeaning voice. She is, by far, the worst EVER at customer service. SOUTHEASTERN AUTO BROKERS should be shut down and banned for their unwillingness to aid in the very essence of business, which is customer service and satisfaction. I can't remember the other guys' names, but the older guy sucks and is hateful, and the mechanic is no "GURU" in the shop. They all should be fired from the business of selling cars and reported to the "HIGHER AUTHORITIES" for whatever, because I know they are up to no good and are umbrous homosapiens.

If you want to verify who I am speaking of, here is their information.


Address: 3708 East Ash Street, Goldsboro, North Carolina 27534

Phone No: (919)-751-5657

This is not a diss, I am not angry, I am just expressing the reality of the situation and telling the truth about these "human-like" people (which are actually developed parasites).


Review about: 2000 Saturn Ls.

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